Review & Develop

Alpha Outdoors has a wealth of experience with outdoor programmes, leadership development, staff training, adventure tourism and youth work. We can help you by:

  • Facilitating a review of your organisation’s goals, programmes and culture

  • Helping you develop sound policy, long-term strategy and workable safety management systems


“Can you answer ‘Yes’ to these culture, programme & safety questions?”

  • Does your organisation┬áhave a well thought-out framework for delivering its desired outcomes?
  • Does it align with best practice and sound research?
  • Would you love to develop programmes to better meet the needs of your local and international clients?
  • Has your framework been reviewed by outside experts in conjunction with staff?


  • Do all your activities come under a workable safety management system?
  • Do they meet legal requirements and the latest WorkSafe NZ guidelines?
  • Have you had an independent safety audit recently?
  • Would you like to work towards OutdoorsMark or other appropriate quality certification?

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If you are keen to review and develop,

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