PFDs, kayak clothing and spraydecks come in a variety of sizes.

You can figure out your correct size by downloading one or more of the PDFs on our Sizing Guides page.

All kayaks and paddling gear sold by Alpha Outdoors come with a ‘return-to-base’ 12-month warranty which is backed by the factory or NZ importer.

If the product is defective, damaged, missing some parts, or is not what you actually ordered, then we will put things right for you, if necessary using the product warranty or shipping insurance cover.

If we cannot do this, you may be entitled to a refund or exchange.

Alpha Outdoors Ltd is a family-owned company based in Invercargill, New Zealand. Bruce has been selling kayaks and outdoor pursuits gear in NZ since 1995, under both the Alpha Outdoors and Kayaks Plus trading names.

Read more about Alpha Outdoors and Bruce Conway on the About page.

As an instructor/trainer, I have often worked with camping organisations and education programmes who have fleets of poorly-designed, inappropriate or unsafe gear. It saddens me that kids and adults should experience frustration, discomfort and potential risk due to equipment issues, detracting from their learning and enjoyment of the great outdoors.

So to help a little, I give generous discounts to selected ‘not-for-profit’ groups, such as CCNZ camps, SUNZ Youth and Adventure Specialties, who work with children, youth or disabled people. This assists them to get high quality, user-friendly kayaks and gear.

I also provide written quotes to support their funding applications.

If your charity would like to be considered for special discounts, then please use the Contact form to make contact with Bruce.

Unfortunately, due to international supply issues, the answer is sometimes no. But the importers are pretty good at anticipating demand and ordering well in advance, so products are usually in stock.

Shipments of imported kayaks from Zet, Lettmann, Spade & Prijon only arrive annually. So, if it’s been a while since a container was landed, your chosen kayak may only have a limited range of colours or be out-of-stock.

Imported kayak clothing from Palm and Kokatat arrives more frequently. Popular sizes and colours sell out quickly, meaning that your choice may be unavailable until the next delivery. The same is true for imported safety gear from Shred Ready, HF, Predator & Palm.

If your preferred size/colour is not available at the moment, I will let you know when the next shipment is before you pay.

If it’s urgent, we can get specific items air freighted from overseas.

Yes, we ship anywhere in New Zealand.

We have sent kayaks and paddling gear to such places as Akaroa Heads, Upper Moutere, Curio Bay, Te Rangiita, Stewart Island and Franz Josef.

Remote places like this do have a shipping cost, if you choose to have your kayak or paddling gear delivered to your door. So you may decide to save money, by collecting your purchase from a regional freight/courier depot.

For retail customers, we offer free courier/freight for kayaks and paddling gear to NZ cities and large towns.

If your delivery address is in a rural area, an outlying suburb, a small town, on an island or in a remote location, then most couriers and freight carriers will charge us a ‘rural’ or forwarding fee. This extra shipping cost is added to your invoice.

To avoid any extra forwarding costs, you can ask to have your kayak and/or paddling gear delivered to your nearest regional freight/courier depot.

No. Free shipping is not available to schools, businesses, clubs and organisations.

However, we only charge the cost price for shipping. We don’t put a mark-up on shipping, so you’re getting a very good deal.

Unfortunately, because they are so long, one-piece paddles are expensive to send anywhere.

Our preferred courier will take one-piece paddles up to 2.2m long for an extra handling charge (typically $15 – $25). This handling charge will be added to your invoice.

In contrast, two-piece split paddles are short enough to go by normal courier, so they will get free shipping.

If you buy a paddle with your new kayak, then this extra handling charge for a paddle does not apply. Your paddle (and any accessories) will get a free ride.

PS: Bundles of multiple paddles are usually sent with a freight carrier, so the shipping cost per paddle is less.

Yes, all our prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.

  1. After Checkout, Alpha Outdoors will email you a PDF invoice for the items, plus any extra shipping cost (if applicable)
  2. You pay the full amount by internet banking into the Alpha Outdoors Ltd bank account (our account number is shown on the invoice).
  3. After your deposit has shown up in our account, your order will be shipped.

[Hint: Let us know as soon as you’ve paid. Even better, take a screen shot of your bank’s payment confirmation page and email that to us.]

Sorry, we no longer accept credit card payments, such as VISA and MasterCard.

Overseas customers may request to pay using PayPal. 

Yes, we do ship kayaks and paddling gear overseas, but the freight may be expensive.

I have sent kayaks to the Pacific Islands, paddling gear to Australia and even a couple of paddles to Lexington, USA.