Nevis Bluff


The Nevis Bluff paddle provides great power and acceleration. Designed for white water, surf and rodeo paddling. Choice of fibreglass or lightweight carbon shafts, with optional factory upgrade to a two-piece shaft.

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The Nevis paddle is designed for white water, surf and rodeo paddling.
The Nevis paddle provides great power and acceleration, so you can get to where you want to go in a hurry.

Asymmetric, tough blades, with dihedral cross-section.
The shaft is warm to the touch and has moulded plastic hand-grips, making this paddle extremely comfortable to use – you can paddle in any conditions for as long as you like.

Choice of paddle shafts
• Fibreglass shaft is flexible and lightweight.
• Carbon fibre shaft offers high strength, stiffness and even lighter weight.
• Factory upgrade to a two-piece shaft.

Blade material: Glass-reinforced nylon
Blade size: 43 x 19cm
Weight: 1130g

Factory Upgrade to a Two-piece Paddle

But wait, there’s more. Upgrade to a two-piece paddle and get Alpha Outdoors ‘Free Shipping’ to NZ cities and major towns. This is because you have to pay an extra handling charge to courier one-piece paddles (except if they are packaged with a new kayak), so it is not much more to buy a take-apart paddle.

Two-piece ‘split shaft’ take-apart paddle. Perfect for travelling with your favourite blades. Easy to stow as an emergency back-up paddle.

  • Grooved plastic spigot
  • Push button lock
  • Can be fitted to fibreglass or carbon shafts

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