The Taupo is a great all-round paddle, with symmetrical, reinforced-polypropylene blades. Choice of fibreglass or aluminium shafts, plus optional factory upgrade to a two-piece shaft.

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A great all-round paddle, with reinforced polypropylene, symmetrical blades.
Shaft has moulded plastic handgrips, with a right-hand raised index.
Legal for Canoe POLO.

Choice of paddle shafts
• Aluminium shaft is durable and stiff, but is heavier and cold to the touch.
• Fibreglass shaft is lighter, flexible and warmer to grip.
• Factory upgrade to a two-piece shaft.

Blade material: Glass-reinforced polypropylene
Blade size: 43 x 20cm
Weight: 1350g (alloy shaft) – 1190g (fibreglass shaft)

Factory Upgrade to a Two-piece Paddle

But wait, there’s more. Upgrade to a two-piece paddle and get Alpha Outdoors ‘Free Shipping’ to NZ cities and major towns. This is because you have to pay an extra handling charge to courier one-piece paddles (except if they are packaged with a new kayak), so it is not a lot more to buy a take-apart paddle.

Two-piece ‘split shaft’ take-apart paddle. Perfect for travelling. Easy to stow as an emergency back-up paddle.

  • Grooved plastic spigot
  • Push button lock
  • Can be fitted to aluminium or fibreglass shafts

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